Creative Ideas to Make Money

Our Approach

We are real estate investors. We create value by improving properties, resolving encumbrances or by creating cash flow from a money pit. What others call problems are what we see as opportunities to create Win-Win results.

Our Story

Mallegro is the culmination of our 30-year journey that spans real estate, marketing and digital services . We are entrepreneurs who help home owners and clients in to find ways to move them forward. We see farther because we have a wide breath of experience and minds that ask new questions.


Michele Orgel

Founder, Designer & Managing Member

Passionate about Real Estate, design and the people side of the business, with a keen eye for detail and a desire to be of service.

Andrew Orgel

Portfolio Manager and Managing Member

Hands on project manager with a passion for discovering solutions to stubborn problems. Uses a wide range of problem solving skills to bring parties together and get things done.

Our Associates

Our Well-Rounded Team


Our team consists of a range of partners across a span of industries from real estate, finance, marketing, technology and logistics.

Next Steps...

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