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About Us

Creative Ideas

Our Approch

We are entrepreneurs, consultants, and real estate investors. We create value by sharing what we know, resolving issues and by creating cash-flow from troubled property. Where others see problems we see opportunities to create Win-Win results.

Our Identity

Mallegro is the culmination of our 30-year journey that spans real estate, investing, marketing, and digital services. We are entrepreneurs who help homeowners and clients to find ways to move them forward. We see farther because we have a wide breadth of experience and minds that ask new questions.

Our Story

Michele Orgel has built her passion for real estate while she worked as a banker in Beverly Hills, CA where Andrew Orgel helped build a sprawling family business in homewares. After they married they ran a business to business distribution firm together. 

Some years later they combined their skill sets again to work on real estate investing by helping people go from rentals to their own starter homes.  Mallegro Properties, LLC was incorporated in California in 2007 and relocated to Washington State in 2000 during COVID.

The Key


The right decisions can make the difference between building equity or losing it. 

Residential House


Real Estate is often called the "Shelter Shelter" because there are ways to leverage the tax code and lending rules to grow your wealth and build generational wealth.


The time to act is while you still have choices.

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