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Debt Consulting

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Managing Money

Debt Happens

Just about everyone has debt of some kind. Sometimes, debt gets ahead of us and that leads to problems. The questions are: do you have the time to fix it and are you willing?

Free Consulting

We provide free debt counseling for qualified persons to help them avoid foreclosure and perhaps avoid bankruptcy. It helps to talk to someone who knows how mortgage and debt companies work.

Our Story

Mallegro is the culmination of our 30+ year journey that spans real estate, investing, marketing, and digital services. We are entrepreneurs who help our clients to become financially secure, keep and build equity, and move forward even through tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Really Free?

Yes, if you qualify. We will provide guidance to help you get your debt under control at no cost. If you don't qualify, we will give you a more limited service and it too will be FREE. And YES, we provide that promise in writing.

How Do I Qualify?

You need to be  a home owner in the USA and you need to be coachable.

How Can You Offer This For Free?

Some clients will want to make use of paid services at a later stage, the free consulting gives you a chance to see that we keep our promises. NONE of our services are prepaid. You only pay when we deliver results for you.

Will You Sell My Information?

NEVER! We will only share information with trusted partners IF you give us permission to ask them to call you. Even then, we will never share any financial information with anyone.

Am I Assured You Will Not Abuse My Information?

Yes. We will provide a written confidentiality agreement made out to you before you will be asked any sensitive information.

Can You Really Help Me?

That depends on a number of things. Honestly, some clients won't have any good choices. That said, even they can take take steps avoid costly mistakes. That alone is worth your time.

The Key

The equity in your home is vital to your future wealth. Our debt consulting can enable you to continue to build equity and provide security for your family. 



Depending on the laws in your state, the time available to avoid losing your home varies. There are strategies you can use to modify your home loan and keep you house. Let us help.

The time to act is while you still have choices.

Schedule A Free 1-on-1 Consultation

There is no obligation. Consultations are done by phone, the link below provides available times a representative can meet with you to discuss your needs.


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